Stop Smoking Guaranteed- If you ever have a desire or carving to smoke, come back and I will remove it for free. This is a lifetime guarantee.



“Since I have been visiting Wally, I have lost 20 pounds over three months and feel mentally and physically better than I have in years. The program has given me the tools to gain control of my health that I have never had before. I highly recommend Wally Post and Anderson Hypnosis Center to get your life back in control.”

~ Tim W.

“I smoked for 27 years and tried quitting too many times to count with no success. I tried Chantix, Wellbutrin, and all of the tobacco cessation products on the market. I finally have success thanks to Wally! I am now a non-smoker living a healthier life with the ability to breathe easier and have less pain. I am forever grateful.”

~ Tammie C.

“Wally has helped me overcome negative self-talk and intense anxiety attacks that happened anytime I decided to go for a run. I can now keep my mind calm and relaxed on the way to my workout. I am able to focus on what I want my workout to be and enjoy it instead of feeling intense dread. I am more confident and am experiencing a new freedom, thanks to Wally!”

~ April L.

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